If you were to stand in front of a mirror and say that you care about your personal development outside of work, how many of you would say it honestly? We rarely engage in additional activities outside of work, it is not easy, but it is very important to maintain professional success. The professional resume writing service resumeget will help you with this. The recruiter profession is no exception – that’s why Talent Place comes to your aid by starting a series of articles that will help you grow and become even better and more effective recruiters! First of all – a list of 10 HR podcasts from around the world that are worth following to broaden your recruitment horizons.

This post is aimed largely at those of you who usually reach for written knowledge. Podcasts are not only a thriving medium, but above all a way to reach for knowledge “in the meantime”. There is nothing more valuable than time, and gaining knowledge on the way to work or while cleaning a flat is a very strong argument to use this format.

The best HR podcasts

1. Recruitment On The Go

A great channel consisting of “on the go” podcasts, ie those that are good to listen to, for example on the way to work. They usually last from 7 to 15 minutes, so they are perfect for a tram trip, for example. Recordings are usually conducted in the form of interviews covering topics such as recruiting foreigners, recruiting online or a series of “tips and tricks” recordings. The channel is run by Caitie McCollow from the Netherlands, who, although she does not have extensive experience in recruiting, has created a great product that allows you to find answers to questions plaguing recruiters from around the world.

2. The Jim Stroud Podcast

The strongest argument? Huge lecturer’s experience. During the last 10 years, Jim has worked in the area of ​​recruitment and human resource management with companies such as Microsoft, Google, MCI, Siemens, Bernard Hodes Group and Randstadt. Jim deals with very interesting and often controversial topics – such as hiring people struggling with addictions. The recordings are mostly interviews with other guests. Jim’s podcasts are largely about the future and technology, with episodes varying from 5 to 40 minutes.

3. Recruiting Future

Let’s stay on the topic of recruiting the future for a while – it’s hard to find a more suitable proposal than Recruiting Future. It is run by an “old stager” – Matt Alder from England. The host has over 20 years of combined experience in marketing and recruiting, and while his podcast does interviews, it is often a discussion with more than one person. Thanks to this, in just 20-30 minutes of conversation you can count on a lively discussion full of arguments presented from different points of view.

4. Link Humans The Employer Branding Ideas

Next from podcasts for recruiters, next country – this time the host is Jörgen Sundberg, Swedish employer branding specialist. Jörgen is the CEO of Link Humans and the founder of the Undercover Recruiter blog. You can find very interesting podcasts on it, also recorded in the form of a question-answer. Employer branding, however, is always directly related to the positions and duties of recruiters. Sometimes it is worthwhile to look at hiring more broadly. Jörgen’s podcast is structured in a very clear way – the titles of individual episodes lead us to answers to problems concerning employer branding that bother us (often on examples of case studies). Everything is given in segments of 20-30 minutes.

5. Hire Up

This is definitely a more holistic proposition – 30 recordings that not only deal with topics directly related to recruitment but also building the organizational culture. The author of Hire Up – John Beck, has over 25 years of experience in human resource management. He is the CEO of The Assessment Company® and the creator of “Occupational DNA” – a system that builds the structure of an organization focusing on employee efficiency. So I recommend that you read not only podcasts for the recruiter, but also the ODNA theory itself. Episodes range from 25 minutes to an hour.

6. Crazy and the king

Julie Sowash and Torin Ellis allow us to look at recruiting from a slightly different perspective. Their subject clearly touches upon topics related to exclusion or discrimination, reflecting the specialization of both hosts. The lecturers describe very interesting problems, starting with case studies of companies such as Airbnb or Nike, ending with podcasts concerning, for example, the LGBT environment. And all with a very light approach and a solid dose of humor. Episodes usually last 30-40 minutes.

7. Tech Recruit

Tech Recruit is actually a company founded by Stacey Broadwell – a very experienced recruiter from the USA. One of the main products is the conference with the same name – Tech Recruit, but what we want to draw your attention to today is the “podcasts” tab. There you will find recordings of interviews that Stacey conducts with people cooperating with her as part of organizing events, recruiters from companies such as Google, but also managers of recruitment agencies operating on a global scale. This is one of the longer podcasts about recruitment in our list – episodes usually last about an hour, but the longest conversations even last 1: 40 hours.

8. HR Examiner

HR examiner is an analytical company specializing in various types of research related to the HR industry. You will find there not only podcasts, but also various types of reports and industry updates. Thanks to this combination, the creators of HR Examiner provide a current and modern point of view that makes readers and listeners think. The website is a treasury of knowledge, there are over 300 recordings on various topics related to recruitment and HR. One of the main characters of the HR examiner is John Sumser, who comes from the field of analytics and research. The average length of the episode is 30 minutes.

9. HR Happy Hours

This is a collection of HR podcasts led mainly by Steve Boese and Trish MacFarlane. We can find there a lot of material (over 300 recordings!) That deal with issues related not only to recruitment, but also management, technology and leadership. Most of the recordings last more than 30 minutes – so the material is over 150h 🙂 It’s time to start listening now, because it’s content recognized not only by the recruiters community.

10. Recruiting daily

Finally, (but not because it’s the least interesting!) – the good old Recruiting Daily. During my conversations with recruiters, several people mentioned these HR podcasts – which is why they are probably the most popular of our list. It probably has to do with the fact that creators do not only publish podcasts, but also blogs, conferences, recruiting tools and webinars. Podcasts take the form of both interviews and monologues – everyone can choose the format that suits them best. Episodes are usually over 30 minutes long.

11. A bonus for those less motivated to work

Burnout and lack of motivation are problems that affect everyone. In the profession of a recruiter, it is sometimes a real pain, because some of our duties are repetitive. I will devote a separate post to the decline of motivation and burnout one day, and people looking for an additional “kick” I encourage you to get acquainted with two very inspiring characters from the business world. They both made a lot of motivational videos and I have to admit that in my case they are very effective.

Jim Rohn – an absolutely amazing motivational speaker. Unfortunately, he left us in 2009, but his recordings are timeless. It speaks extremely simply and clearly about achieving success and financial freedom. It mainly motivates us to perform activities that, in short – will allow us to earn – but I pass this knowledge on uniquely.

Jocko Willink – a former soldier of the American SEAL branch, who – as you can easily guess – in his recordings according to the motto “Discipline = Freedom” teaches how to turn hard work into the desired results. Personally, I am a fan of hearing characters with a story like Jocko, who served in Iraq and today translates his knowledge from the battlefield into the language of business. His podcasts are not only very motivating, but also give food for thought.

“Change is inevitable but growth is optional,” John Maxwell once said. I agree with him one hundred percent – every person who does not invest in his development will at some point start to “go backwards”. Therefore, learning from an accessible form like a podcast is something we wanted to highlight in the first article in this series. But this list is just the beginning – we’ll be sharing other great sources of knowledge in the coming weeks, so don’t forget to check the Talent Place blog regularly!